Design Framework Enhancing Developer Experience in Collaborative Coding Environment
J. Palviainen, T. Kilamo, J. Koskinen, J. Lautamäki, T. Mikkonen, A. Nieminen
The 30th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing, Salamanca, Spain, April, 2015. [To Appear]


Knowledge Transfer in Collaborative Teams: Experiences from a Two-Week Code Camp
T. Kilamo, A. Nieminen, J. Lautamäki, T. Aho, J. Koskinen, J. Palviainen, T. Mikkonen
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MOSt-CB: SLA Enforcement and Smart VNE (Virtual Network Embedding) in a Multi Cloud Providers Environment
M. Ait-idir, E. Cherkaoui, E. Rachkidi, N. Chandeb, N. Agoulmine
IEEE Globecom 2014 Workshop on Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications (CCSNA), Austin, Texas, USA, December, 2014. [To Appear]

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A. Kohne, M. Spohr, L. Nagel, O. Spinczyk
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Context-aware Mobility Management with WiFi/3G Offloading for Medical WBANs
E. Cherkaoui, N. Agoulmine
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Open Source Platforms, Applications and Tools for Software-Defined Networking and 5G Research
L. Suomalainen, E. Nikkhouy, AY Ding, S. Tarkoma
Helsinki, Finland, August, 2014. [Link to paper]

Goliath vs. a Federation of Davids: A Two-Sided Market Analysis of Competition between Clouds
Kibae Kim, Songhee Kang, Jörn Altmann
In: 11th International conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services(GECON 2014), 2014. [Link to paper]

Another Look into Home Gateway Characteristics
University of Helsinki / S. Hätönen, Y. Li, S. Tarkoma, M. Kojo
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Kibae Kim, Wool-Rim Lee, Jörn Altmann
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Jörn Altmann,Mohammad Mahdi Kashef
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Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi, Jörn Altmann
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Sodam Baek, Kibae Kim, Jörn Altmann
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How Variability in Individual Patterns of Behavior Changes the Structural Properties of Networks
Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi, Jörn Altmann
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Cloud Space – Web-based Smart Space with Management UI
Anna-Liisa Mattila, Kari Systä, Jari-Pekka Voutilainen, Tommi Mikkonen
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Improving Detection Accuracy in Group Testing-Based Identification of Misbehaving Data Sources
Mai Ali, Sherif Khattab, Reem Bahgat
In: 2nd International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud), Barcelona, Spain, August 27-29, 2014.

Using Constraint Programming for Cloud Computing with Advanced Resource Reservation
Hans-Joachim Goltz, Armin Wolf,
In: Workshop on Cloud Computing and Optimization, Lyon, France, September, 2014.

Liquid Software Manifesto: The Era of Multiple Device Ownership and Its Implications for Software Architecture
Antero Taivalsaari, Tommi Mikkonen, Kari Systä
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Real-time Billing as a Service – A standard-based proof-of-concept implementation
Stephan Flake, Jürgen Tacken, Carsten Zoth
In: 8th SOCNE Workshop (SOCNE 2014), Barcelona, Spain, September 16-19, 2014.

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Service Composition for End-Users
Otto Hylli, Samuel Lahtinen, Anna Ruokonen, and Kari Systä
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MPTCP Incast in Data Center Networks
University of Helsinki / Ming Li, Andrey Lukyanenko, Sasu Tarkoma and Antti Ylä-Jääski
In: IEEE China Communications, China, April 01, 2014. [Link to paper]

Building a Medical Research Cloud in the EASI-CLOUDS Project
Christoph Fiehe, Anna Litvina, Jakob Tonn, Jie Wu, Michael Scheel, Andre Brinkmann, Lars Nagel, Krishnaprasad Narayanan, Carsten Zoth, Hans-Joachim Goltz, Steffen Unger, Wolfgang Thronicke and Fabian Pursche
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Creating Standardized Products for Electronic Markets
Ivan Breskovic, Jörn Altmann, Ivona Brandic
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Maximizing Liquidity in Cloud Markets through Standardization of Computational Resources
Ivan Breskovic, Ivona Brandic, Jörn Altmann
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Comparison of Two Yield Management Strategies for Cloud Service Providers
Mohammad Mahdi Kashef, Azamat Uzbekov, Jörn Altmann, Matthias Hovestadt
In: The 8th International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing (GPC 2013), Daegu, Korea 2013 [Link to paper]

Patterns of Innovation in SaaS Networks: Trend Analysis of Node Centralities
Kibae Kim, Wool-Rim Lee, Jörn Altmann
In: 21st European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2013), Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2013 [Link to paper]

Evolution of the Software-as-a-Service Innovation System through Collective Intelligence
Kibae Kim, Jörn Altmann
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Estimating the Value Obtained from Using a Software Service Platform
Netsanet Haile, Jörn Altmann
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A Case Study for Deploying Applications on Heterogeneous PaaS Platforms
Eman Hossny, Sherif Khattab, Fatma Omara, Hesham Hassan, Cairo University
In: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data, Fuzhou, China 2013. [Link to paper]

New Pricing Policies for multi-Cloud environment
Bassem El Zant, Maurice Gagnaire
In: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data, Fuzhou, China 2013.

Scalable Monitoring System for Clouds
André Brinkmann, Christoph Fiehe, Anna Litvina, Ingo Lück, Lars Nagel, Krishnaprasad Narayanan, Florian Ostermair, Wolfgang Thronicke
In: 6th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2013), 3nd International Workshop on Intelligent Techniques and Architectures for Autonomic Clouds (ITAAC 2013). [Link to paper]

Service Description and Automated SLA Negotiation in Cloud Computing
Wajdi Almir Ahmad
Master’s thesis, Berlin Technical University, Berlin, Germany 2013.

Collaborative Coding Environmenton the Web: A User Study
Antti Nieminen, Janne Lautamäki, Terhi Kilamo, Jarmo Palviainen, Johannes Koskinen, and Tommi Mikkonen
Book Chapter, In: Developing cloud software : algorithms, applications, and tools. Edited by Porres, Ivan; Mikkonen, Tommi; Ashraf, Adnan (2013-10), 2013.

On the Development of Real-Time Multi-User Web Applications
Janne Lautamäki
PhD Thesis, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, October 2013. [Link to paper]

Modell für ein SLA-basiertes VM-Scheduling in föderierten Cloud-Umgebungen
Andreas Kohne
In: GI Jahrestagung 2013 – Informatik angepasst an Mensch, Organisation und Umwelt, INF13 – Workshop: Virtualisierung – gestern, heute und morgen (VIRT2013) Koblenz, Germany 2013. [Link to paper]

Service Composition for End-Users
Otto Hylli, Samuel Lahtinen, Anna Ruokonen and Kari Systä
In: 13th Symposium on Programming Languages and Software Tools (SPLST), pp. 100-113, Szeged, Hungary 2013. [Link to paper]

OCNI – Open Cloud Networking Interface
Houssem Medhioub, Bilel Msekni, Djamal Zeghlache
In: ICCCN 2013: 1-8, July 30 2013-Aug. 2 2013, Nassau, Bahamas.  [Link to paper]

PaaS-independent Provisioning and Management of Applications in the Cloud
Mohamed Sellami, Sami Yangui, Mohamed Mohamed and Samir Tata
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Monitoring of SCA-based Applications in the Cloud
Mohamed Mohamed, Djamel Belaïd and Samir Tata
In: International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2013, Aachen, Germany, May 8-10, 2013.

Adding Monitoring and Reconfiguration Facilities for Service-based Applications in the Cloud
M. Mohamed, D. Belaïd and Samir Tata
In: IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, AINA 2013, Barcelona, Spain, March 25-28, 2013. [Link to paper]

CloudServ: PaaS resources provisioning for service-based applications
Sami Yangui and Samir Tata
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Distributing Storage in Cloud Environments
Petra Berenbrink, André Brinkmann, Tom Friedetzky, Dirk Meister, Lars Nagel
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Pricing in multi-Cloud environment
Telecom Paristech, Orga Systems
In: 10th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services, Zaragoza, Spain, September 18-20, 2013.

A technology of Cloud Service Broker and Case Study
In: Information and Communications Magazine Vol.30, No.4, Korea, March 29, 2013. [Link to paper]

Time-based Evaluation of Service-based Business Process Elasticity in the Cloud
Mourad Amziani, Kais Klai, Tarek Melliti and Samir Tata (IMT/TSP)
In: The 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom 2013): pp. 573-580, Bristol, United Kingdom, December 02-05, 2013. [Link to paper]

Monitoring and Reconfiguration for OCCI Resources
Mohamed Mohamed, Djamel Belaid and Samir Tata (IMT-TSP)
In: The 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom 2013): pp. 539-546, Bristol, United Kingdom, December 02-05, 2013. [Link to paper]

SDN for Inter Cloud Networking
Mechtri, Marouen; Houidi, Ines; Louati, Wajdi; Zeghlache, Djamal (IMT-TSP)
In: Future Networks and Services (SDN4FNS): pp. 1-7, November 11-13, 2013. [Link to paper]

Security of Cloud Federation
Bassem El Zant, Nahla El Zant, Nabil El Kadhi, Maurice Gagnaire (IMT-TPT)
In: 2013 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data (CloudCom-Asia 2013), Fuzhou-China, December, 2013. [Link to paper]

Efficient New Delayed ACK for TCP: Old Problem, New Insight
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In: 16th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWIM), Barcelona, Spain, November, 2013.

The Delayed ACK Evolution in MPTCP
M. Li, A. Lukyanenko, A. Ylä-Jääski, S. Tarkoma (UH)
In: IEEE Globecom 2013, Atlanta, USA, December, 2013. [Link to paper]

Software-Defined Networking in Mobile Access Networks
Yanhe Liu, Aaron Yi Ding Sasu Tarkoma (UH)
Technical Report, September, 2013.

Building Scalable Cloud Infrastructures with OpenStack and GlusterFS
Lirim Osmani (UH)
Master thesis, November, 2013. [Link to paper]

Adaptive and Cost-Effective Service Placement in Cloud Computing Infrastructures
EH Cherkaoui, KT Tran, N Agoulmine (UEVE)
In: AERES Evaluation, Valenca and Salvador, Brazil, November 26-27, 2013.

Advances in mHealth towards cost-effective eTelemedecine for Developping Countries
In: Proceedings of MEDICON’2013, Sevilla, Spain, September 25-28, 2013.

Taking Benefit of Diversity in RAN to Offload Delay-tolerant Traffic and Improve End-Users QoE
R. Maalawi, E.H. Cherkaoui, N. Agoulmine (UEVE)
In: 2nd International Workshop on ADVANCEs in ICT (Advance’2013), Valenca, Brazil, December, 2013.


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Impact of Pricing Schemes on a Market for Software-as-a-Service and Perpetual Software
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IT Service Platforms: Their Value Creation Model and the Impact of Their Level of Openness on Their Adoption
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Multiple-choice Balanced Allocation in (almost) Parallel
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Stephan Flake, Juergen Tacken, Carsten Zoth
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Cost-effective complex service mapping in cloud infrastructures 
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