Announcement: EASI-CLOUDS at ITEA 3 Launch Event

We are very happy to announce that EASI-CLOUDS will be presented at the German ITEA 3 Launch Event on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014. The ITEA3 Launch event will be held at the „embedded world – Exhibition & Conference“ in Nuremberg, Germany. During the program, the results of ITEA 2 – such as EASI-CLOUDS – and an outlook on the ITEA 3 call will be presented. It also provides a great opportunity for networking.

Find out more about the ITEA 3 Launch Event here.


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Research Paper Published: “Scalable Monitoring System for Clouds”

EASI-CLOUDS has published its work on distributed monitoring. The paper “Scalable Monitoring System for Clouds” will be presented at the ITAAC workshop in Dresden on the 9th December.

The monitoring system logs the system status and provides the necessary data for billing & accounting and for observing the service quality. It is based on three components, which were developed by the EASI-CLOUDS members Materna, Atos and the University of Mainz. The core component is a distributed and scalable tree structure in which the current monitoring data are stored. Moreover, selected data are preprocessed and persisted in so-called ContextStores.

Download the paper (pdf)

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New demo: Opinion Mining

The purpose of the Opinion Mining demonstrator is to crawl social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook to analyze the public posts/tweets for user-specified topics and display a general indicator of the public sentiment on the defined topic. The analyzer will also include impact calculations for the crawled posts, so high impact posts will have higher impact on the displayed overall sentiment value.

A video explaining in detail this demonstrator is now available online, check it out:

Thank you to our Egyptian partner ITWorx for the great work!

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