Research Paper Published: “FederatedCloudSim: An SLA-aware Federated Cloud Simulation Framework”

EASI-CLOUDS is publishing a paper about its simulation framework for federated clouds. “FederatedCloudSim: An SLA-aware Federated Cloud Simulation Framework” will be presented at the CrossCloud Brokers workshop in Bordeaux, France on the 8th December.

In cloud federations, cloud service providers (CSPs) join forces and thereby improve their services. They are better prepared for load peaks, extend their service catalogues and increase the number of potential customers. For migrating jobs to remote clouds or placing them in local data centers, CSPs require optimized scheduling and brokering strategies. “FederatedCloudSim” allows for designing and evaluating such strategies in simulated cloud federations. It is based on the framework “CloudSim” developed by the University of Melbourne.

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