Project description

The EASI-CLOUDS project aims at advancing cloud computing in Europe as well as in Egypt and Korea which contribute to this endeavour.

The objective of EASI-CLOUDS is to provide a comprehensive cloud computing infrastructure. This infrastructure will feature the three classical categories of cloud computing offerings – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – with superior reliability, elasticity, security and ease-of-use characteristics at all levels. Moreover, to promote an efficient, trusted system, this cloud infrastructure will include:

  • standardized interfaces allowing service portability,
  • a powerful service composition and orchestration framework,
  • facilities for cloud interoperability and federation,
  • advanced SLA (Service Level Agreement) management to help guarantee the required QoS (Quality of Service),
  • facilities for capacity planning, provisioning, accounting, and billing that are needed to operate a true cloud services market place and an efficient pay-per-use business model.

Our objective is finally to bypass all market barriers, and to help the emergence of new fast growing European incomers that will reuse our solution to create a dynamic European user-centric market. Thanks to its rapid diffusion, we will help to increase the global productivity of all our industries and give them the capability to accelerate their innovation processes.

The major expected outcome consists of a comprehensive, open-source, innovative, and validated cloud infrastructure that can be instantiated to set up an application type-specific cloud (e.g., e-learning, HPC-on-demand, storage marketplace) for a private, public, or hybrid usage, and implementing a given level of security, privacy and QoS. Such instances will be able to interoperate in different ways and constitute a federation of cloud computing systems.


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